This year I recommitted to choosing a word to represent and remind me of my purpose. My word is Consistency. One of the eight limbs of yoga consists of the Niyamas (guidelines and observations) to living. Tapas is the third Niyama and is defined as self-nurturing discipline. Many women my age have spent decades giving their all to caring for others while putting their needs last on the list. When committing to Tapas, starting with well-being commitments helps to set the foundation to foster personal growth.

I belong to a yoga based women’s wellness program called Hunger, Hope, and Healing founded by Sarahjoy Marsh. We use Tapas to tend to what we call the Body Dashboard.

Nourishment- Balanced Blood Sugar

Heart Rate Up- Clean out the Pipes for 20 minutes

Air On Skin- Outside time, Interact with Plants, Look out your Window, or Watch a Nature Show

Elimination- The Obvious, Laughter, and Crying

Hydration- Water with Lemon

Right Brain Activities- Color, Paint, Pottery, Dancing, Write, Play Games, Music, and Reading

Deep Rest- Create a Sleep Hygiene Routine

Consistency with the Body Dashboard items is part of the path to living from our highest selves on a regular basis. Some of the ways I know I am living from my wisest (highest self) look like this:

I am eating more protein.

I am sleeping through the night.

I naturally pause before reacting to something that is surprising or hurtful.

I feel in touch with my intuition.

I am not easily overwhelmed.

My time management is on point.

Practicing Tapas along with a regular yoga practice consistently nurtures my body, spirit, and mind. The unimportant things fall away and I am able to meet my challenges and deepest truths with my inner wisdom.