We are made to feel a range of emotions and they do not all feel good. Toxic positivity has been on my mind lately. What even is toxic positivity? Well, it is when positive thinking becomes the be all and do all answer to everything. It negates negative thinking or expressing negative emotions. Think of phrases such as “it could be worse”, “everything happens for a reason”, or “it’s God’s will”.

Our emotions are felt in our bodies and no amount of toxic positivity is going to help process them. Instead, we can acknowledge our feelings, become curious about where they reside in us, and recognize we are not the only ones feeling this way.

I did not sleep well last night so it was no surprise when I woke up this morning full of angst. When I get like this my mind sounds a bit like:

-It’s over 100 degrees in Britain and most do not have A/C, freaking climate change

-How could almost 400 police officers be at a school with an active shooter and screaming children for over an hour doing nothing. Why are we so numb to this?

-What can I do to help in the Roe situation? Are we going into a situation where women will not be able to travel between states?

-Should we move? Are my girls in danger living in Florida?

These thoughts came in rapid succession over a minute or so. I could try to give myself a boost of positive thinking but, these are real concerns I have and I do not want to negate them.

Instead, I snuggled with the dog, watered my plants, drank my coffee, and had a short yoga practice.

After a brief 15 minute practice I made room in my body for these emotions to reside while feeling my general sense of happiness come back to life.

The thing is, I am generally a happy person as well as being a deeply feeling person. Often these things are in conflict.

Where I once might have tried to lean more on happiness, I now know that there is room for both and it is okay. In fact, I prefer it this way.

With angst and happiness-