My life in tidbits since 2016-

Moved to a small town in Florida.

Husband retired from the Air Force unprepared for life outside of the military; the military system is not set up for this.

Kids move from homeschool to public school.

Finally, we felt like we were getting settled and Ken was ready to start a job outside of the military.

Hurricane Michael came on the first day of Ken’s new job.

Our town was basically destroyed and our house was damaged.

The kids and I went to Chicago to live for several months while Ken rented a room and started his job.

After 4 months or so in Chicago, we went back to Florida and stayed in two different rentals two hours away from our home so I could supervise the work on our house.

During this time, I was high-functioning regarding life’s duties, while at the same time experiencing emotional pain, burnout, loneliness, and a general sense of internal uneasiness and disconnection.

My yoga practice and teaching fell to the wayside.

As I began to find my yoga practice again, I started to heal. My body remembered the grounding, connection, openness, resilience, and buoyancy a yoga practice cultivates and supports.

Yoga therapy offers a personal practice focusing on emotional and physical needs.

A practice offering stability that is frequently lost during life transitions.

While I am finishing up my practicum hours, I am offering 5 one hour sessions for $200. I have two openings left. I can be reached via email [email protected] and text 850-340-3633.

With love and kindness-