I have been in a funk. Something feels off. Is it the weather, the time of year, my age, my living situation, or a combination of everything? Honestly, I am not sure. What I do know is that using cognitive reasoning to figure out what it is will likely be a waste of time. I will spend too much time in my head and not enough time connecting to my body.

Sometimes the way to feeling a sense of ease, peace, and home lies simply in the breath. In my yoga community we have been working with mettas. Metta is a meditation to bring about feelings of loving kindness.

Sitting in a comfortable seat, closing the eyes, evening out the breath, and reciting in my mind:

May I be at ease-

May I be at peace-

May I be at home-

Breathe for several cycles:

I am ease-

I am peace-

I am home-

Breathe for several cycles:




Each stage can be repeated several times.

What I know is that whatever this funk is and wherever the root cause, this metta has been lifting the darkness.